The Free Market

The Free Market, utilizing the principles of Capitalism, is the notion that people should be free to make what they want, earn what they want and provide whatever goods or services they wish in order to support themselves and their families.

When the government interferes in any way with this process, either through taxes, tariffs, restrictions, regulations, subsidies or laws, the free market gets stifled and doesn’t work the way it should.

Example: if someone grows corn because that’s what sells in the marketplace, that’s good. If someone sells corn because the government pays them to without a true need for that corn, the market does not function properly to support what has been produced. This results is less money for the farmer because it has created a false market for his goods.

Tea Party people love the free market because it supports people’s rights to do what they want, make what they want and earn what they want. It is also the model used around the world to lift people out of poverty in countries who do not have the thousands of government “support” programs we have in the United States. If you have ever heard of micro-loans for the poor, this supports the free market by allowing people to produce and sell goods or services they believe have value and which will help them support their families in a humane, God-honoring way.