Tea Party Groups Announce Minority Scholarship Fund


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Kevin Jackson, Executive Director of The Black Sphere, LLC is joined by over 50 Tea Party organizations to announce The Tea Party Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund was started to help minorities of all ages in need of financial assistance afford college or vocational school. Jackson commented, “The Tea Party movement continues to evolve, and the focus has shifted to helping at the community level. Helping people acquire new skills can be life altering. Our approach eliminates the government, and relies on the good nature of the Tea Party.”

The Tea Party has been misrepresented by politicians since its inception. With this scholarship fund and other projects proposed by the group, the coalition Jackson has formed wants to showcase what the Tea Party is really about and not what the media portrays. “The Tea Party represents the best of America, and actions speak louder than words. The Missouri Conservative Coalition is happy to be a part of setting the record straight,” commented Rick Perry, President of The Missouri Conservative Coalition, a group comprised of 44 Tea Party organizations.
To qualify for the scholarship, a person must be a student at an accredited college, university, or trade school, and/or demonstrate financial need for the scholarship. There is no age limitation. To donate to the fund, visit http://TeaPartyScholarshipFund.com

About Kevin Jackson:

Kevin Jackson is a two-time Amazon best-selling author, syndicated radio show host, and a highly sought after national speaker. He is a Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, and is a regular contributor to some of the most popular publications, as well as his own website, http://TheBlackSphere.net/

About the Missouri Conservative Coalition:

Missouri Conservative Coalition is represented by conservatives, and conservative groups and leaders across the state of Missouri dedicated to preserving and advancing liberty and freedom for all citizens. http://MOCCnow.org. Rick Perry is the current president of MOCC.