Frequently Asked Questions

Why a scholarship?

To help give young people a hand-up not a handout. We, as free people, can give our money as we wish and for the Tea Party Scholarship, we want to help young people get going on their chosen career be it either college or a trade school. The scholarship is open to all ages since sometimes it takes a while to get the opportunity to go to school.

Please refer to the Eligibility page for more information about who is eligible for this scholarship program.

What does the scholarship cover?

The money the students will receive can be used for school fees, books or living expenses as the student sees fit. The students must prove enrollment in a college, university or trade school program in order to be receive payment.

How are selections made?

The answers to the questions on the application will be judged by our advisory board and others who are part of The Black Sphere organization.  The questions require some research about the Tea Party, our founding documents and an essay about what it means to be an American. Most answers have a word count given which will be part of the judging criterion as well as the thoroughness and content of the answers themselves.

The first two recipients of the scholarships Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia were given the scholarships for meritorious performance in the rescue of a young girl. The Tea Party Scholarship Fund reserves the right to award scholarships based on deeds such as this which showed incredible bravery, initiative and tenacity in the face of danger, that are outside the parameters of the scholarship application.

How do I participate?

Please DONATE anything you can as often as you can – consider a monthly, quarterly or yearly contribution of any amount. The more we collect, the more we can award so please give what you can to help young people understand the generosity of the Tea Party and help them get a good start on their education.

Also, tell your liberty-minded friends. The more people who can contribute means more money collected and awarded to young people.

Why are the contributions not tax-deductible?

At this time, the Tea Party Scholarship Fund is not designated as a charitable organization therefore, your contributions are from your own pocket with no tax benefit at this time. This is supportive of the nature of this scholarship – people helping people. If a friend asked you for a little money to help them out, would you try to deduct this from your taxes? No. We aren’t in this for tax benefits but for overall benefits in helping people and helping reshape the image of the Tea Party as people who care and give to others on their own freewill, not forced by the government or solely as a tax write off.

In the future, we may modify our tax status but for now, we will remain a for-profit entity.

How much of my contribution goes to the fund?

While we will need to pay some administrative expenses, we will do our best of contribute as much as possible to the fund. We will issue a report annually detailing the way the money was distributed and that will be available on this website at the end of 2014.

What if I can’t finish my application in one sitting?

Please type your answers into a document you can save so you can copy and paste all your responses into the application form in one sitting and submit your application once you are happy with all your answers.

What else can we do to help make a difference?

Check out the Projects page on The Black Sphere website to see what other great projects we have going on and what you can get involved in either nationally or locally. If you see something you think we should be considering for the Tea Party Scholarship Fund, please email us at [email protected]

Where can I get information for questions not addressed here?

Please email [email protected] to get your questions answered.